THANK GOD for a brand new day to GOD Alone be all the Glory

Greetings in Jesus name,

Today, I want to share an experience and as companions or friends of our LORD JESUS Christ, I want us to prayerfully contribute.

Someone somewhere may be having this challenge and as the Holy Spirit leads, our focus will be on issues confronting us but we’re unable to share.

The LORD HIMSELF will help us.

So here we are:

Coming from Church one afternoon at a junction before branching off to a major road, I saw a jeep and a car parked along the Road with few people were gathered.

A young man most probably in his early twenties was said to be driving the jeep and had hit the car at the back.

People gathered round the young man because he was trying to negotiate a bend to run away.

There was a scuffle as the owner of the car wanted to take the keys of the jeep from him, I suddenly felt pity for the young man as two matured men were all over him saying the young man was not fit to drive as he was drunk.

Anyway, they overpowered him and took the keys from him, their intention was to drive him and also take their car to his parents for repairs.

I was moved because this slim and tall, young man was looking unkempt on a Sunday afternoon when many were relaxed in their homes after Church Service.

He was actually drunk as you could perceive the odour from him on close contact.

His parents most likely were unaware of his escapades probably having lunch or siesta or even with friends just relaxing.

All of a sudden, there’ll be knock knock bringing in unexpected trouble and unbudgeted expense with its attendant embarrassment.

How many times would this young man have had similar or other problems all because of his appetite or wrong company or ….., or could it be spiritual?

It was obvious the young man did not want his parents involved but who else would have been involved.

This is just one of the many cases of young people using abusive substances or getting drunk and it bounces back on their immediate families and society at large.

Friends / Companions of our LORD JESUS Christ, the floor is open, what can be done to arrest this ‘monster’?, This young man and others in the same predicament have a destiny to fulfill.

As said earlier, the floor is opened for your contributions and please kindly invite others who may have this challenge to this blog.

GOD bless us all in JESUS Name. Amen.