Beloved this is the day the LORD has made, and we shall rejoice and be glad in it.
Welcome to this platform. It is not a mistake that you are here. It is a pleasure to have you here. To GOD Almighty be the Glory.

GOD has been awesomely faithful beyond our wildest imagination. HE has kept us from year to year, month to month, week to week, day to day – day and night continually. HE brought us from January to this month of December. As we wrap up this year 2022 by the Grace of GOD, we shall not end or expire with the year. The year 2022 shall not see our end. We shall end this year 2022 in praise and laughter, and we shall triumphantly, victoriously, joyfully enter into year 2023 with jubilation and shouts of Alleluia in JESUS Name – Amen and Amen.

GOD loves us so very much. HIS love for us is unconditional and unquantifiable. When we take a synopsis of this current year, 2022, we see the faithfulness and loving kindnesses of GOD in all ramifications.

We all have at least one reason to say a very big thank you to our Maker, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the GOD to Whom all flesh come.

The first is that we are alive. We can breathe so freely. I remember when I had difficulty in breathing. It was not funny at all. Here, we can breathe freely. Thank YOU, JESUS.

We are not only alive, fine, and well but we also have sound mind. We can eat and drink. We can use the toilet to evacuate the toxins. Thank YOU, JESUS.

We need to appreciate our GOD and say a very, very, big THANK YOU to HIM.

HE has been, is, and will forever be:

*Our Shield
*Our Refuge
*Our Fortress
*Our Help
*Our Redeemer
*Our Provider
*Our Protector
*Our Deliverer
*Our Fighter
*Our Leader
*Our Guide
*Our Guard
*Our Healer
*The Good Shepherd
*The Bishop of our souls
*Our All in all.

Beloved, without HIM we are nothing- an empty shell, an outward show. How do I know this? Because I can see HIS love and faithfulness in everything: in my life, in the lives of others and on planet Earth.

All the time, HE brings us under HIS divine protection as a hen brings her chickens under her wings and covers them with her feathers.
HE covers us with HIS Feathers, and we can trust under HIS Wings (Psalm 91:4).
GOD does not sleep nor slumber (Psalm 121:4) but HE gives us sleep (Psalm 127:2b).

Oh, what manner of love the FATHER has bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of GOD (1st John 3:1a). We can never quantify HIS love it is beyond our human reasoning and understanding. Many waters passed under the bridge, but GOD kept us. How can we explain the journeys we undertook and came back safe, but some took and never returned. It is just GOD’s mercies. We are indeed extremely indebted to GOD Almighty for HIS loving kindnesses and mercies.

Beloved, we can go on and on. As this year comes to an end, let us please focus on the love of GOD with a heart of gratitude for HIS Amazing love. GOD loves you. GOD loves me too. Yes, HE loves us unconditionally. Let us indeed be thankful for the joy of Salvation, for our LORD and Saviour JESUS Christ, Who paid the ultimate price by laying down HIS Life as an atonement for our sins so that we can be the Righteousness of GOD in HIM (2nd Corinthians 5:21).

Our Ally is and shall forever be our LORD and Saviour JESUS Christ, Who knew no sin but became a sin offering for us. We are justified freely by HIS grace through the redemption that is in Christ JESUS (Romans 3:24). We cannot abandon such great love that gives us access 24/7 (no network issues) to our FATHER. Furthermore, everything, everyone, whosoever, whatsoever is connected to JESUS receives Life in abundance, in fruitfulness and multiplications.

So beloved, let us carefully check and ensure that our connection to the ONE Who loves us is unshaken, unbreakable, unhindered. As we remain thankful to GOD for this relationship, let us guard it jealously, open up to JESUS – our Trusted and Reliable Ally in all ways – and give HIM our weaknesses and our burdens. HE is our burden bearer. HE cares for us. HE is the Way Maker. HE knows the end from the beginning. HE shall go ahead of us into year 2023 and bring us into year 2023 triumphantly and shall surely see us through in Victory and Joy Unspeakable.
GOD bless and keep us all.

Thank you, beloved, for coming this far, but do you have a relationship with our LORD JESUS Christ?

Beloved, let us activate the unconditional love of GOD by doing the first thing first, which is to have a relationship with GOD Almighty through our Lord JESUS Christ His only begotten Son who paid the price for our redemption by laying His sinless Life as an Atonement for our sins so that we can be Righteous before GOD through HIM.
Please make that decision now.

JESUS desires to come into your life if you will allow HIM. No matter who you are HE will transform you. Please surrender your life to HIM. Now is the appointed time to do so and start a relationship with HIM. Now is the time of Salvation. Please do not procrastinate as tomorrow may be too late.

What you need to do:
1. Acknowledge that you are a sinner.
2. Ask for forgiveness of your sins.
3. Accept JESUS as your LORD and Saviour.
4. Fellowship with your new LORD.
5. Please attend a Bible believing Church.

The Almighty GOD guide and guard you in your journey of life. Surely your life can never be the same. Congratulations.

Thank you once again for coming thus far. To all our contributors thank you so very much. We love you all. To every one of us, The Almighty GOD bless us, establish the work of our hands and reward us abundantly. The LORD enlarge our coasts and bless our families and ministries. See us all triumphantly in 2023 if the LORD tarries. Thank you all.

All Glory be to GOD. Thank YOU, JESUS.

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Myrtle Dogho