Hello, beloved!

Welcome to this post. It’s not by accident that you are here. We give GOD all the Glory for giving us this great opportunity to be alive, fine and well. To GOD alone be all the Glory. To all who are hurting, the Almighty GOD shall heal in JESUS Name- Amen. Thank GOD for the last post – ‘At HIS Word’. Again, all Glory be to JESUS. Today’s topic is ‘LET YOUR HOPE BE RESTORED’. May the Almighty GOD help us in JESUS Name- Amen.

Sometimes you may be overwhelmed by circumstances beyond your control, and you would have loved to share your burden with someone in order to get help or empathy, but in reality, there is no one to share it with. Oftentimes, the people around you may not understand what you are going through exactly. You may feel- if I share with my Pastor maybe he/she may refer to it in the next sermon or if I tell my friend, he/she may form a negative opinion about me, so I’d rather keep it to myself- and before you know it, the circumstance may weigh you down and bring dejection. The circumstance could be finance, debts, health, marriage and so many other issues of life.

Beloved, I have been in situations where I could not share what I was going through. Trust me, there were mockers around whose delight was to see me weighed down and they did have a good dose of laughter. However, GOD is the Silencer. I remember one of my beloved brothers, though I never told him anything about what I was going through, yet he sent me a text message at 4 am that the LORD said ‘HE will surprise my mockers’. Wow, the LORD said that!!! So, HE knows!!! I was excited and spiritually energized, which gave me comfort and confidence that since the LORD knows and HE is interested, it is settled. Today’s topic is set to comfort someone and restore hope.

Hope is a verb, that is, an action word. Hope is the confident expectation of what GOD has promised and its strength is in HIS Faithfulness. Please let us have a glimpse of the One who has promised and is Faithful to bring it to pass. HE is the Creator of Heaven and Earth, the GOD to Whom all flesh come and shall come (Psalm 65:2), the GOD of the mountains, the GOD of the valleys, the GOD of the hills, the GOD of the plains. GOD is the Mountain Mover, Way Maker, Game Changer, Miracle Worker, Promise Keeper. HIS promises are to all HIS children. So, to have hope and walk tall in the midst of overbearing circumstances, you must first of all know who you are. You must know that you are a son or daughter of GOD, simply put, a child of GOD. Knowing this, you must trust GOD completely.

When a child is hurt outside, he runs for solace in his home and meets with any of his/her parents or elderly siblings, knowing fully well that they will handle the situation very well and restore or comfort him/her. Same here, GOD expects us as HIS children to first come to HIM for solace and help. We can also meet with our Pastor, the shepherd over us, who GOD has put in charge, spiritually. There is nothing to be ashamed of. The fact that we are faced with challenges does not devalue us. When a child soils himself/herself, it does not mean he/she is not the child of his/her parents. The parent cleans up the child and if there’s need for spanking, he/she is spanked or scolded. Take a currency note, squeeze it, after a while, it begins to open up and gradually returns back to form. Does squeezing the note devalue it’s worth? No, it doesn’t, it still has the same purchasing power. Knowledge is power. It is expected that a child of the Most High GOD should walk in the truth of the knowledge of who he/she is.

Separating facts from the truth is very important. Fact is the situation or circumstance on ground, while the truth is what the LORD says. One thing I have noticed is that GOD always turns that very hopeless situation to glorify HIS Name. Are you a believer? If yes, then know that the just shall live by Faith. Romans 1:17.

Let’s examine this story.

Namaan was the commander of the Army of the king of Syria. He had so many accolades, but he was a leper. His wife’s maid, an Israelite, told her madam that he could be healed in Israel, so Namaan acted on the information and went to Israel where Prophet Elisha told him to dip himself in the River Jordan, seven times. At first, pride almost robbed him of his miracle but for his servant’s intervention, who asked him to do what the Prophet had instructed. Beloved, at the seventh time of dipping into River Jordan, his skin became like that of a newly born baby. Naaman obtained mercy. The Almighty GOD exchanged the shame, the reproach, the stigma of his life for glory and beauty, to the envy of others and he had a brand-new beginning. Please read 2nd Kings 5:1-14.

That information you have received concerning your circumstance based on the promises of GOD, is the door to the breakthrough that would restore hope to you and give you your promised blessings. Hold on to the promises of GOD. Has HE said it? Shall HE not do it? Numbers 23:19. Don’t settle for less. Has GOD shown up for you in any situation before? Trust HIM to arise for you again. Let your hope be restored. Let your confidence spring forth. Be consistent with GOD. Remember who you are. You are clothed with Glory.

Remember when Moses told GOD the FATHER to show him HIS Glory, he got a small glimpse and it transformed him in such a way that the children of Israel could not even look at his face because the glory of GOD that he saw was so awesome Exodus 33:18-23. How much more so when you have CHRIST in you (Col 1:27, Rom 8:19-21). Again, let your hope be restored!

Glory cannot be adequately defined but let’s say its splendour, magnificence, beauty.

You are beautifully and wonderfully made, and that circumstance cannot define you. Psalms 139:14. The imagination of the wicked has come to nought. You are blessed beyond measure (Eph 1:3). Beloved, stop looking at the facts, look at the Truth which is the Word of GOD. Beloved, in that dark situation, in that solitude, where you think hope is lost, GOD is just transforming you, setting you up to produce CHRIST in you which is the hope of glory (Col 1:27). Your hurt shall be your strength. It shall be a great testimony, for you shall overcome.

No matter the circumstance, you should look up to JESUS, the Author and Finisher of our Faith and you shall see your joy come alive. Hebrews 12:2. It is expected of us to turn away from sin and worldliness and let GOD’s Word saturate our minds, working in us to bring us to maturity, for through that circumstance, we will be able to bring many to the Kingdom of GOD by our testimonies.

In Mark 4:35, JESUS told HIS disciples ‘let us cross to the other side’.

The other side is staring at us. It’s the side of hope, restoration and victory on every side, but we must act. Hope is active and we have to take a step to move into the other side and hold on in faith. On this other side there is Light that illuminates and hope that is restored, results that cancel insults, messes that turn to blessings, the ridiculous that turn to the miraculous, the glory that nullifies shame.

How can we get to the other side?

The other side is to turn wholly and fully to JESUS Christ, who is the Light and surrender to HIM. Not partial surrender. Not playing Church. HE is Faithful to bring every of HIS Promises to pass. HE is the Helper, the Restorer, the Creator. If we turn to HIM without any pretense and ask for mercy, HE is abundant in Mercy. Hebrews 4:16. HE knows how we feel, and HE empathizes. We must believe HIS Word and hold on to HIS promises as stated in the Bible. That is why we are called Believers. HE will bring us out into victory. We wait on HIM in Faith and pray with confidence and assurance. Our communication lines to HIM should be opened 24/7. Surely, we shall testify.

There is no greater testimony than sharing what JESUS has done. HE sure does excellently above our expectations. Ephesians 3:20.

Remember Psalm 30:5b, ‘Weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the Morning’.

If you are still overwhelmed by your circumstance and situation, let go of complaint and murmuring let GOD have HIS Way. Meditate on Psalm 46:10. Be assured that no matter how stinking and complicated the situation, the Almighty GOD will fix it. HE raised Lazarus to life from the grave after he was dead for four days. Please read John 11. Since you are still alive, Beloved, please relax, with GOD, nothing shall be impossible. Luke 1:37.

Wow. the LORD is awesomely Faithful. Let your heart not be troubled anymore. HE Has brought us this far for great testimonies. Hallelujah.

Beloved, it is well. Your new song shall be like this:

‘What shall I render unto JEHOVAH for HE Has done so very much for me.’

So be it in JESUS Name. Amen.

Thank you for coming this far.

Beloved, do you have a relationship with our LORD JESUS Christ?

HE is our LORD, Saviour and Redeemer. HE is the Only Begotten Son of GOD. HE died for mankind, to reconcile us back to GOD. JESUS is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one can come to the FATHER except through HIM. (John 14:6).

Please, beloved, now is the time of Salvation. Do not procrastinate. Tomorrow may be too late.

What you need to do:
1. Acknowledge that you are a sinner.
2. Ask for forgiveness of your sins.
3. Accept JESUS as your LORD and Saviour.
4. Fellowship with your new LORD.
5. Please attend a Bible believing Church.

For the time being, if there is a lock down in your area, kindly listen online.

The Almighty GOD order your steps.

Surely, beloved, your life can never be the same again.


Thank you, beloved brethren, for reading and also sharing the post. Thanks to our wonderful contributors who share their experiences with us. We appreciate your contributions and we also invite everyone to contribute to the topic as led by the Holy Spirit.

The Almighty GOD guard and guide us. HIS Presence shall overshadow us and ours.

Remember ‘Let Your Hope Be Restored’.

GOD bless and keep us all.

Love us all with the Love of the LORD.


Myrtle Dogho.