Happy new Month Beloved.

Beloved, thank GOD for HIS Mercies and Faithfulness. Thank GOD for HIS Grace. Thank GOD that you are on this post. It is not by accident that you are here. You are welcome in JESUS Name. Amen.

I was privileged to exhort brethren at a meeting recently and the topic the Holy Spirit laid on my heart was ‘That Affliction will end in Praise’. Then, there was no pandemic. Well, here we are at such a time as this. By the Grace of GOD, we shall encourage ourselves in the LORD. Please be of good cheer because the good news is that the Almighty GOD that showed up for the Jews in the time of Queen Esther and many other times shall have Mercy on us and show up for us. HE is in control. Remember, the Earth is the LORD’s and its fullness thereof. By HIS Grace, this season shall pass away and we shall celebrate in JESUS Name. Amen.

You may think what is she saying? Does she know what I am going through or what I have been through? Beloved, man may not know what we are going through, but GOD knows. HE has helped us in times past, HE will help us now and again by HIS Mercies. Never can a mother forget her nursing child but even if that were possible, the Almighty GOD says HE would not forget us (Isaiah 49:15). No matter how difficult or how impossible the situation may be, the Almighty GOD can always bring change and restoration. The LORD can and by HIS Mercy will quench every evil flame that is ravaging in JESUS Name- Amen. GOD has not changed. JESUS Christ is the Same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8). What HE did in time past HE can do again. All Glory to JESUS. You may be hurting right now; the Balm of Gilead shall soothe you and make you whole. The Almighty GOD help us all.

Affliction comes in various ways without notice and without prior announcement. So it was, in the days of Queen Esther (Esther Chapters 3 & 4). Esther was enjoying herself and all appeared peaceful in her domain. She had no cause to imagine that trouble was lurking around the corner. Suddenly, affliction came on her people that they should be wiped out of existence. (They were slaves in Persia.) People going about their businesses, innocent children playing all around and giggling all over the place. Lovely families, all of them were to be wiped out. The person that orchestrated the catastrophe was Haman, the Agagite, who was the most powerful man in that Kingdom after the king. The reason behind his plot was that Mordecai, a Jew, a gate man refused to bow to him. However, instead of dealing with Mordecai he decided to wipe the entire Jewish race when he learnt that Mordecai was a Jew. Mordecai on the other hand was following the Jewish tradition not to reverence a man but to worship or reverence the only true GOD. Whatever the enemy has brought to cause us pain, the Almighty GOD shall overrule in JESUS Name. Amen.

The decree was signed and sealed with the king’s ring and therefore no one could revoke it, not even the king himself. However, Esther braced up with the prompting of Mordecai her uncle and made herself a sacrificial lamb to deliver her people. This is the context of her famous quote ‘if I perish, I perish’. But before she executed her plans, she fasted with all her maidens and her household and asked the Jews to fast with her for three days seeking for GOD’s Divine intervention. (Esther Chapter 5.)

After the fast, she began to strategize her plans trusting GOD’s leading. Beloved, she executed her plans with calmness. She was not agitated at all. The table turned against the enemy and Haman was the one executed and thereafter his ten sons.  The decree that had gone out that the Jews be killed could not be repealed but another decree was signed and sealed with the king’s ring which gave the Jews authority to unite to defend themselves. They were allowed to kill, slaughter, annihilate anyone of any nationality that would come against them or their families and to take the properties of their enemies. When the LORD is in the storm there must be peace. JESUS is the Light of the World. Light penetrates every form of darkness. (Affliction is darkness.) Darkness vanishes automatically when light comes. Haman never knew who he was coming up against.

Beloved, if GOD is for us who can ever be against us?

Please bear with me just for a moment, kindly look back at the times you were perplexed but GOD showed up.

HE is Faithful and True.

HE knows what to do always.

The Almighty GOD in HIS Mercy shall intervene and the affliction shall vanish.

We shall sing songs of victory.

Mordecai was promoted beyond his wildest imagination; from a gate man he became the Prime Minister of Persia. He took the place of Haman, the archenemy of the Jews. The LORD favoured the Jews. May the LORD favour us with the favour HE has for HIS children. The Jews that were to be in extinction became a people that others sought after and celebrated. They were filled with joy and gladness; and were honored everywhere. Beloved, there is hope for a tree if it is cut down it will sprout again, and its new shoots will not fail (Job 14:7). Psalm 5:12, assures us that the LORD blesses the righteous man, and surrounds him with favour as a shield.

Beloved, our righteousness is in JESUS Christ.

Romans 3:22 tells us that ‘We are made right with GOD by placing our faith in JESUS Christ’.

And this is true for everyone who believes, no matter who we are. We have a great and glorious future, Beloved. We can learn many lessons from Esther but let’s take just one lesson. The decree that the Jews were to be extinct was real, it was a fact and it could not be revoked because of the king’s seal. In the Book of Esther, GOD was not mentioned but there were underlying factors that revealed the Presence of GOD. Queen Esther’s action revealed the faith she had in GOD who reverses the irreversible. Queen Esther chose to believe the report of the LORD, that with GOD nothing shall be impossible. Her focus was on HIM, not the fact of the decree that was in existence and could not be denied. She rose up to her place of intercession, knowing whom she believed.

Beloved, we need to rise and look up to GOD our Help, who created the Heavens and the Earth. (Psalm 121.)

HE shall protect us and see us through. The confidence we have is that when we call on JESUS, HE answers, even before we finish speaking, HE has heard. Certainly, we shall overcome, and this affliction shall end in Praise. Hallelujah. Amen.

It is well.

Beloved, you have come this far. Hallelujah.

Do you have a relationship with our LORD JESUS Christ?

HE is our LORD, Saviour and Redeemer. HE is the Only Begotten Son of GOD. HE died for mankind, to reconcile us back to GOD.

JESUS is the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one can come to the FATHER except through HIM. (John 14:6).

Please, Beloved, now is the time of Salvation.

Do not procrastinate. Tomorrow may be too late.

What you need to do:

1. Acknowledge that you are a sinner.

2. Ask for forgiveness of your sins.

3. Accept JESUS as your LORD and Saviour.

4. Fellowship with your new LORD.

5. Please attend a Bible believing Church.

For the time being, if there is a lock down in your Area, kindly listen online. The Almighty GOD order your steps. Surely, Beloved, your life can never be the same again.


Thank you, beloved brethren, for reading and also sharing the post.

Thanks to our wonderful contributors who share their experiences with us. We appreciate your contributions and we also invite you the reader to contribute to the topic as led by the Holy Spirit.

The Almighty GOD guard and guide us. HIS Presence shall overshadow us and ours always. Remember, that affliction shall end in Praise. GOD bless and keep us all. Love us all with the Love of the LORD.


Myrtle Dogho.