Beloved, it is so glad to be here by the Mercies of GOD. It is a pleasure. Trust we are all excellent. Wishing every one of us a glorious, blissful, prosperous and fruitful Month. The Month of the Trinity – GOD the FATHER, GOD the SON and GOD the HOLY GHOST. All Glory be to GOD Almighty.

Welcome to this Post. It is not by accident that you are on this page. GOD bless and keep us all.

Our last post was ‘Ambassador of the Almighty GOD’. Today, we have before us the topic ‘The GOD of Jeshurun’.

Jeshurun means ‘Upright one’, ‘Blessed one’, ‘a Beloved’. Jeshurun is a poetic reference to the Nation of Israel.

Deuteronomy 33:26-29 gives a synopsis of The GOD of Jeshurun.

“There is none like unto the God of Jeshurun, who rideth upon the heaven in thy help, and in his excellency on the sky. The eternal God is thy refuge, and underneath are the everlasting arms: and he shall thrust out the enemy from before thee; and shall say, Destroy them. Israel then shall dwell in safety alone: the fountain of Jacob shall be upon a land of corn and wine; also his heavens shall drop down dew. Happy art thou, O Israel: who is like unto thee, O people saved by the Lord, the shield of thy help, and who is the sword of thy excellency! and thine enemies shall be found liars unto thee; and thou shalt tread upon their high places.”
Deuteronomy 33:26-29 KJV.

Beloved, so much is happening all over the world and even to some of our friends, neighbours, associates and many others. Just peep at the headlines of newspapers and see what some people are going through. Thank GOD for HIS Faithfulness and Mercies.

However, some happenings are really terrifying and we may be going through unimaginable situations or circumstances in our lives that we feel helpless. You know situations like, ‘why me LORD’?

The good news is that the GOD of Jeshurun is here with us and we may not have realized it or even known it.

HE is watching and patiently waiting. Nevertheless, HE will show up at the appointed time and then we would say ‘LORD, I never knew YOU were with me all along. I thought I was alone.’ HE is always with us. Hallelujah.

Coming out of horrible situations makes us stronger, more focused and more determined. Such situations oftentimes bring us into our destiny and purpose.

In building a house, there is so much that goes into the foundation to solidify it to be able to carry as it were, the structure to be built on it. Similarly, the challenges of life, the disappointments, the failures we had experienced, the occurrences that had left us devastated, are all turning us into whom GOD has destined us to be.

All we have to do is:
• Trust GOD.
• Rely on HIM.
• Seek GOD in HIS Word.
• Pray without season.
• Be totally dependent on HIM.
• Hold on to HIM tenaciously.
• Encourage yourself in the LORD.
• Guard your relationship with GOD jealously. Don’t trade it for anything. That is the relationship that matters even in eternity.

GOD will certainly come through as HE did for Joseph. The brothers thought they had destroyed him forever but GOD brought him out to his glorious destiny. (Genesis 37-45).

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning. (Psalm 30:5b).

The darker the night, the closer to the breaking of a new dawn. What GOD cannot do does not exist. All Powers belong to GOD and the Powers that be, are ordained by HIM. (Romans 13:1).

The Psalmist said in Psalm 66:12, ‘You have caused men to ride over our heads, we went through fire and through water; but You have brought us out to rich fulfilment.’ (wealthy place; great abundance).

Looking at our text, the GOD of Jeshurun in Deuteronomy 33:26-29, these facts were revealed:
• The Almighty GOD is incomparable.
• HE rides the Heavens to help us.
• HE is our Refuge. (Psalm 91).
• Underneath us are HIS everlasting Arms.
• HE will thrust out the enemy before us and destroy them.
• We shall dwell in safety. (Proverbs 21:31; Psalm 124).
• HE shall make provisions available to us. Even the Heavens shall drop dew for us.
• We are chosen people. (1st Peter 2:9).
• We are saved by the LORD.
• The LORD is the Shield of our help. (Psalm 28:7; Psalm 121:1-2).
• The LORD is the Sword of our Majesty. (Hebrews 4:12).
• Our enemies shall submit to us. We shall tread down their high places. (Psalm 66:3).

Beloved, these are the Promises of our GOD – the GOD of Jeshurun in the text above. Remember HIS Promises are yes and Amen. (2nd Corinthians 1:20). No matter the situation we are faced with, the tide is turning for our good. This is our consolation.

‘Be of good cheer, HE calls you.’ (Mark 10:49). HE is mindful of each and every one of us. HE is calling us to our desired miracle, our desired testimony, just as HE called for blind Bartimaeus.

Let’s get ready to celebrate and give GOD all the Glory. The GOD of Jeshurun is bringing us to our destiny and purpose. Never ever give up, help is on the way.

How would they have known that the crucifixion of JESUS CHRIST would bring Salvation to mankind? Stay focused, stay glued to HIM – HE knows the end from the beginning. HE has the blueprint of your life.

They may be jesting at you, thinking they can stop your dreams or that you are a nobody, just like Joseph’s brothers thought. Just take a deep breath and praise the LORD because what is written concerning you has been written and must surely come to pass. GOD is amazingly Faithful.

That pain, that loneliness, that affliction is bringing you to your mountain top. The turning point has come. Suddenly they would realize that GOD never sleeps nor slumbers. HE is on your case and like Joseph’s brothers, they would bow before you because GOD has glorified HIMSELF in you and has honoured you.

Your change is here. Believe it because the GOD of Jeshurun is our GOD. Rejoice and be glad. Congratulations. All Glory be to GOD Almighty.

Thank you beloved for coming this far but do you have a relationship with our LORD JESUS Christ?

JESUS CHRIST desires to come into your life if you will allow HIM. No matter the challenges you are going through, HE is the Solution. All the Promises enumerated above and many more shall come to pass when you surrender your life to HIM.

Now is the appointed time to start a relationship with HIM. Now is the time of Salvation, please do not procrastinate as tomorrow may be too late.

What you need to do:
1. Acknowledge that you are a sinner.
2. Ask for forgiveness of your sins.
3. Accept JESUS as your LORD and Saviour.
4. Fellowship with your new LORD.
5. Please attend a Bible-believing Church. If there is a lockdown in your area, please join a Bible-believing Church online.

The Almighty GOD guide and guard you in your journey of life. Surely your life can never be the same. Congratulations.

Thank you once again for coming thus far.

To all our contributors, thank you so very much. We love you all.

To every one of us, the Almighty GOD bless us, the work of our hands and reward us abundantly. The LORD enlarge our coasts and bless our families and Ministries.

Thank you all.

All Glory be to GOD. Thank YOU, JESUS.

The GOD of Jeshurun bless us and keep us in JESUS Name. Amen.

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Myrtle Dogho.