Beloved, Welcome to this post.

Thank GOD for HIS Mercies and Faithfulness; that you are on this page is not by accident. Thank you for being on this page.

Life is based on principles. GOD is a GOD of principles. There is always a price to pay for greatness.

An adage says ‘suffer before pleasure’. This could be in the area of studying, learning a skill, doing something productive, working hard, training oneself, fasting and prayer, disciplining oneself to achieve a set goal. The truth is there must be some form of sacrifice. There is the time of sowing / planting, watering the seed and the harvesting. May our seeds not be eaten by the birds of the night in JESUS Name Amen and Amen. Seed time and harvest shall never cease. Genesis 8:22. The Earth is such that there must be production. The Bible tells us that we shall be productive even in old age Psalm 92:14. So beloved, don’t write yourself off. It’s not over yet until you win. Surely you shall testify in JESUS Name. Amen.

Life does not project mediocrity or failure. Some think life is competitive. However, no matter what one thinks, everyone has his /her lane to run and maintain. No matter what one believes, one needs to be consistent in whatever one does in order to become efficient and effective.

In life, there is no vacuum as there is always a substitute. However, dependency on GOD, maintaining one’s lane and believing in one’s self with GOD’s help always bring amazing results.

There is always a choice to make. One can choose to be a GOD pleaser like King David in the Bible or a people pleaser like King Saul in the Bible.

Remember, GOD has a purpose for which we are created. HE has the blueprint of our lives. There is no other person like each one of us as we are unique in ourselves and wonderfully made. Thank YOU, JESUS.

HE Knows the purpose for which HE made us.

Being a GOD pleaser entails touching HIM by Praise, Worship, Prayer, Reading HIS Word, by a shout of Rejoicing – Hallelujah! and by communication. Being a people pleaser means living one’s life to obtain the approval of men. This most times does not allow one to have a grip/ hold on his life.

The Bible says in Jeremiah 17:5 ‘ Thus says the LORD’ Cursed is the man who trusts in man and makes flesh his strength, whose heart departs from the LORD.’

This does not mean that one cannot have a mentor or a helper of destiny. They are channels through which GOD can help or bless us, but they remain channels, only GOD is the Source. Our hearts should never depart from GOD no matter the height we attain or have attained or shall attain.

A young man, an employee of a financial organization, was the Head of the Administrative Unit of his organization. He was hard working and had a wife and two adorable children.

After a while, he craved to ‘belong’ to the cream of the society. He wanted to be like the ‘Joneses’. He longed to satisfy his ego and to please men in order to ‘belong’.

To achieve this, he started dipping his hands into the company’s funds and started committing fraud. He had ‘free’ funds to spend on himself and ‘friends’.

Over time, he was caught, dismissed from the organization and prosecuted. The aftermath was that his career ended, his ‘friends’ did not want to associate with him- they all deserted him like a plague- and he landed in jail leaving his adorable family. Everything came crashing down.

Patience is a virtue. Walking with GOD entails trusting HIM, that HE shall do HIS part. HE has HIS set time for everyone. The sun rises every morning without any fuss. Having done all we need to do, let us stand in Faith not forgetting our channels of communication to HIM which are open 24/7.

Beloved, ‘Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the Morning’. Psalm 30:5b.

In HIS own time, GOD makes all things beautiful. Let us keep the Faith, the light glowing, knowing the vision is for an appointed time, it shall surely speak. Prayerfully wait for the fulfilment of the vision.

Beloved, thank you for coming this far. GOD bless you.

If you are yet to have a relationship with our LORD JESUS Christ, now is the appointed time.

Please do the following:
– Acknowledge that you are a sinner. All have sinned and come short of HIS GLORY. Romans 3:23.
– Ask for forgiveness of your sins.
– Accept our LORD JESUS Christ as your LORD and Saviour.
– Fellowship and communicate with your new LORD.

Your life shall be completely transformed.

Please go to a Bible believing Church to fellowship with the brethren also.

Beloved, please do us a favour, kindly share the post. Someone out there may just need to be encouraged. Thank you.

To our wonderful contributors we say thank you for your contributions and prayers.

The Almighty GOD keep us all and we shall all swim in GLORY.

Thank you.